Pause for thought; welcoming 2018

Date: 3rd January 2018

2017 has been an eventful year no matter which way you look at it, and I’m sure 2018 will be no different. Whatever the year ahead has in store for you and your business, it’s important to take a moment to stop, take stock of the past year’s events and to plan for the months ahead.

The year that was

I sincerely hope that 2017 was a good one for your business, but I’m sure that it brought with it new challenges, struggles and surprises. It can be easy to shrug these off, brush down your shoulders and get on with things; but make sure you take with you the lessons learned.

What worked for your business in 2017? This is just as important a question as what didn’t work in 2017? Industries, like economies are always changing and adapting, so the way your business responds must too. Did your customers want a certain product or service more this year or did they change habits, attitude or focus?

Trend or cultural shift?

Technology as always has been a driving factor for change over the past year. The chances are you ‘upgraded’ to a new, bigger, faster smartphone this year and almost forgot that your owned a laptop (your digital camera is already hopelessly lost in a drawer of old chargers and cables).

People are on the move more than ever these days and they need quick and easy access to the information they seek on their mobile phones. Whether your customers are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Google Maps OR your very own website; they need to be able to find the information they require within a tap and a swipe.

Planning ahead

What direction is your business moving in? The answer to this question will be inevitably linked to the events of 2017 and the way your customers’ needs are changing. However, you can also make personal or company-wide decisions on where your business is headed in 2018. Perhaps it’s time for a change of focus, or time to commit to new growth and expansion.

Whatever goals you set for your business in 2018, they will need planning and support. Be sure to identify the areas of your business that require additional resource and attention in order to achieve your goals.

Don’t be left behind

Change can be difficult (and sometimes inconvenient), but is it very often a good thing. When it comes to your branding, communications and marketing, the right change can keep things fresh, current and relative to your customers.

A new promotional campaign or product launch can generate excitement, interest and awareness in a stagnant market. Think about how you can generate positive excitement for your business in the coming year.

If nothing else, 2018 should be about embracing new technology and making it work for your business.

Let’s not forget the planet…

The past year dealt some serious blows to global efforts on climate change and sustainability. When the world’s most powerful man openly asks for more global warming to fend off a wee bit of snow, we know we’re all in trouble.

Luckily the general consensus of the world’s population is that we don’t want to turn our little blue planet into a giant oil slick. There are some incredible efforts being made by organisations, businesses and individuals to protect, heal and restore our environment.

Whether you make a token gesture in 2018 to reduce waste, recycle more or plant an entire forest; I’d encourage you to do whatever you can. It’s not only good for the planet, but also increasingly good for business.

Here’s to a productive and successful year ahead!

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