What’s in a colour? Blue

Date: 14th July 2015

Blue Brands Logo Colours

There are a billion different brands out there, all competing for your visual attention; yet, there are only so many colours to go around. We’ve all heard the RYPGPOB rhyme (in one order or another), but there’s a lot more to simply choosing a primary or secondary colour when it comes to branding.

Big companies spend millions on ensuring they dominate their ‘brand space’, which includes the visible spectrum. The world would be rather dull if every second advertisement used the exact same shade of blue, so here is a look at just a few of the many variations out there.

See if you can guess which brand is represented by each blue in the graphic above.

From navy or royal blue to sky blue, cyan or aqua; there are thousands of variations, each with their own characteristics and emotional responses.

Blue has various associations; security, integrity, dependability, trust and serenity. Many of these are linked to the deeper shades of blue however; while cyan, aqua or sky blue may evoke memories of holidays, leisure, youth or energy.

So when it comes to thinking about which colour best represents your business or product, it pays off to give it some extra thought. Of course, Total Brand can do the thinking for you; get in touch to discuss your project with us.

Think you’ve seen all the blues? Check out this optical illusion.

Answers (from top left): Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Samsung, Visa, Skype, Vimeo.

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