What’s in a colour? Red

Date: 17th July 2015

Red Brands Logo Colours

We’ve already explored the world of Blue brands, so here is a look at the colour Red. Even more so than Blue, the general perception is that there is only one true Red, but a quick look at the graphic above will clearly show otherwise.

Each coloured square represents some of the world’s biggest businesses, who use red as their primary colour. In an effort to stay unique and to avoid clashing with the competition, these businesses spend a lot of time, money and resources to ensure their branding is consistent throughout all of their marketing.

Mobile phone retailer Vodafone spent millions to ensure their new red branding was thoroughly precise; on everything from the web and mobile to printed brochures, store signage, vehicle livery and television advertising.

Red is a powerful and evocative colour, associated with energy, danger, strength, passion and love. It’s not a colour to be taken lightly, as although it may be great for engagement or entertainment, it may also evoke memories of blood, anger or sex. In an extreme case, teachers in the UK have been advised not to use red pens when marking pupil’s work.


Answers (from top-left): Youtube, Coca-cola, Adobe, Google Plus, LG, McDonalds, Virgin, Vodafone

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