Why your brand is so important to your business

Date: 15th October 2014

The importance of branding

Don’t underestimate the importance of branding

Over the past twelve years working within the graphic design industry I’ve encountered a multitude of clients, each with their own niche and specific set of design requirements. In the most part, graphic design is seen as a necessary tool used to communicate key messages to customers, be it a sales pitch, company profile or special offer.

It is easy to understand why the owners of small businesses might not spend much time thinking about their brand or how their business is perceived. With so many demands on time: business development, sales, customer management, promotion, accounting and the day to day running of a business, analysing your company’s brand may seem like the least of your worries.

Yet no matter what type of business you are in and how many clients you interact with, your brand is already out there. How clear your brand communication is may be a different matter, but each and every interaction your business makes will leave some kind of impression. Branding is all about making the most of that impression. 

Let’s think about that for a moment. What kind of impression does your business have on your clients? Of course you would like to think they have a positive relationship with your business and are happy to continue working with you. Now try putting yourself in your client’s shoes. How often they use your product or service may vary, but just how memorable and accessible is your brand?

For example, let’s say ‘Jane’ buys printer supplies every few months and it’s time to place an order. Jane runs a busy café and doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands, so when it comes to remembering who she purchases her printer supplies from you can imagine there are a plethora of supplier names, logos and colour schemes spinning around her head. If that supplier doesn’t leap out at her, Jane is only seconds away from a Google search and a lost business relationship.

In the most simple of terms, branding is about being memorable.

Fast food: McDonald’s
Groceries: Tesco
Brake Lights: Halfords

These big brands are easy to remember, not only because they are everywhere you look, but they spend a fortune on clear and consistent branding. Things get much more interesting when you look at the small to medium business sector. This is where the real brand battles are being fought.

Who cuts your hair, unclogs the drains, services your car or supplies the office coffee? If the quick answer is ‘the guys with the green logo’, then that business may just have won a small victory over the competition.

If you feel it’s time you gave your company’s brand some attention then get in touch. We’ll take care of your brand while you’re taking care of business.

Daniel Sweeney
Total Brand

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