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The Balancing Act

'The Balancing Act' was originally published on I honestly don’t know any self employed person who works 9 till 5. Flexible hours and a four day... Read more »


The personal touch

People deal with people. It has been true since business began, back when we were trading grapes for beating sticks. It's a simple fact, yet one that ... Read more »


What’s in a colour? Red

We've already explored the world of Blue brands, so here is a look at the colour Red. Even more so than Blue, the general perception is that there is ... Read more »


What’s in a colour? Blue

There are a billion different brands out there, all competing for your visual attention; yet, there are only so many colours to go around. We've all h... Read more »


The Social Issue

The world of Social Media is well and truly here to stay. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram are now part of most people's daily routines, form... Read more »


Why your brand is so important to your business

Don't underestimate the importance of branding Over the past twelve years working within the graphic design industry I've encountered a multitude of... Read more »